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Eating healthy while traveling can be a challenge. There are so many fast food and restaurant options and they are not always the healthiest choice. To add to the challenge, being on your feet all day and going from airport to airport can lead to dehydration as it’s easy to forget about your water consumption. In 2016 I travelled to Los Angeles for 10 days and decided I would share with you some of my tips on eating healthy while travelling. While you may not always be able to avoid the odd ‘vacation slip’ on your dietary adventures, there are always choices and ways to avoid those fast food joints and unhealthy restaurants. Here are some tips that will help you make healthy choices and get you prepared for your next travel experience!

Map of Los Angeles

1.  Research Your Surroundings

This was my first time going to Los Angeles, so I needed to investigate the food options I could expect to find there. I was very excited to go, but I also knew that I had to do a bit of research into the area I would be staying and any healthy food outlets close to my hotel. Google was my friend here! I discovered there was a Trader Joe’s right around the corner from my hotel, where I would be able to get my hands on some wholesome, organic produce. I knew I would be visiting a local farmer’s market too – always a great choice to find some healthy food options. I also realized there were a few smoothie and juice bars close to a beach I was planning to visit – another opportunity to get some fresh produce into my body while traveling. It’s amazing what you can find and how your trip can become so much healthier with just a little bit of Internet research!

Water in cup and refillable container

2.  Bring a Refillable Water Bottle

A refillable water bottle is definitely a must and I take one with me wherever I go! Having that bottle by your side will remind you to hydrate and to fill up your bottle when empty.  It’s best to opt for a glass or stainless steel water bottle, to avoid those nasty plastics. When traveling, it can be a challenge to stay away from plastic water bottles, which are not only bad for the environment, but also don’t do much good for our health either. Plastic bottles have xenoestrogens that can mess with your hormones. So, stay away from those nasty plastics and pick yourself up a refillable stainless steel or glass water bottle – your body and the environment will thank you!

Jessica Mitton standing in front of Trader Joes

Produce groceries at Trader Joes

3.  Groceries on Vacation – your body will thank you!

While doing my research, I found a local organic produce store near my hotel called Trader Joe’s. I decided to pick up some organic produce on my first full day to have available for snacks during my vacation. I was able to have snack during the day and pick up some healthy food for lunches and dinners while at the hotel. Snacking healthily while on the go helped me enjoy my travel adventure all the more, giving me energy and avoiding the draining effect of fast and unhealthy foods. It felt really good to nourish my body with such healthy choices as I hopped around LA’s attractions, and I didn’t feel overwhelmed, as I had done my research beforehand and prepped on my first day there!

Jessica Mitton wearing a sleep mask

4.  Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is super important when travelling. While you might be on a high from all the excitement of going to a new place (or even feeling a little stressed out if it’s a business trip) it is important to get a good night’s sleep so you feel fully rested for your next day of adventures. Scrimping on sleep can make you feel anxious, tired, low in energy, and can increase your chances of getting sick. Sleep well, my friends!

Green smoothie

5.  Eat a Good Breakfast

While traveling, it’s super important to enjoy a nutritious and well-balanced breakfast to give you that boost for the rest of your day. Nobody wants to start getting fatigued of cranky throughout the day due to unstable blood sugar, so start the day off right and keep your energy levels up all day long! Eating your breakfast will also help you to avoid those pitfall impulse decisions that can lead you to unhealthy fast foods. Including some healthy proteins and fats in your breakfast will help with blood sugar balance and give you that feeling of satisfaction. Eat a well-balanced breakfast. Your body will thank you for it!

Hummus and Vegetables

6.  Restaurant Choices

Hey, you’re in a new place. Of course you want to sample the local culinary delights! To make sure you keep things as healthy as possible, make some the right choice when picking out your main dish at the restaurant. Soups and salads made with fresh ingredients are always a good choice. Don’t be afraid to talk to the waiter or chef to let them know of any allergies or intolerances and see if they have something they can substitute to make the dish a healthier choice for you. Also, don’t forget to do your research before leaving so you can find out where the healthier restaurants are. You don’t want to miss out on fun foodie experiences during your travels!

Keep these tips in mind for your next travel experience to help keep yourself energized and healthy during your adventures. Because, really – who wants to come home unwell and lethargic after their vacation? We travel to experience new places (and foods), to relax, and to come home feeling recharged and revitalized! Happy healthy travels, everyone!


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