Moncton, NB city

Moncton is the largest city in New Brunswick and known as the ‘Hub City’ of the province. Riverview and Dieppe surround the city, making up the Greater Moncton Area. With trains, an airport, the Petitcodiac River, a casino, many restaurants, and its proximity to Fundy National Park, Moncton has some pretty exciting attractions, vibrant entertainment and lots of delicious food! You will find everything from markets to health food shops, grocers and healthy restaurants that will meet your nutritional needs and culinary desires!


Moncton Market

Moncton Farmer's Market

The Moncton Market is full of vibrant colours, inviting aromas, and amazing vendors! Located downtown in the heart of Moncton you will find everything there including a food court, locally produced goods (fruit and vegetables, seafood, eggs, meats, baked goods, etc.), crafts, prepared foods, and more! Enjoy your next breakfast or lunch at the food court – you won’t be disappointed!



Sequoia Trinity Moncton, NB

Sequoia is a natural health shop that has now grown to three locations in the Greater Moncton Area – Trinity, Downtown and Dieppe. This is the place to go for natural supplements, natural skin care and beauty products, organic bulk foods and herbs, organic produce, local meat and groceries, and your next healthy snack or lunch! Need a little guidance? The Registered Holistic Nutritionists on staff will give you all the help you need!

The Corn Crib

The Corn Crib Moncton, NB sign and store

The Corn Crib has been around since 1975! An established health food store not only in Moncton, but in a number of locations throughout the province of New Brunswick, including Dieppe and Saint John. While the Corn Crib started selling mainly bulk foods, the store now sells a great variety of items, including whole foods, supplements, health and beauty products, cleaning and lifestyle goods, and aromatherapy products. Need some assistance? Speak to the nutritionist on staff to get the help you need!

Dolma Food

Dolma Food vegan donair

Dolma Food is a local grocer that has many great goods to offer! Stocking everything from meats, seafood and desserts, to sushi, vegan products, and their very own line of products, you can shop Dolma online or visit their location on St. George Street. Pick up a vegan dessert to serve at your next dinner party, or grab lunch when you are out and about! Oh, and don’t forget to check out their event page for exciting foodie happenings at Dolma’s 2nd Floor, The Rooftop!



Calactus restaurant Moncton, NB salad

Calactus! Probably my favourite vegetarian restaurant in Moncton. They have so many delicious options, including appetizers, nachos, flutes, melts, salads, pizza and specialties that can include anything from burgers to pasta! With a great atmosphere and friendly staff, this fabulous restaurant is always set to serve up a dish filled with fresh and natural ingredients. Finish off with a fair-trade coffee and homemade vegan dessert! Oh my, bring me back!

Tide and Boar Gastropub

Tide and Boar Gastropub Moncton, NB storefront

This gastropub is amazing and has been rightly named one of Canada’s Top 50 restaurants by McLean’s Magazine. With a focus on seasonal, fresh and local fare, your dish is sure to be delicious! Choose from snacks, salads, appetizers, sides, mains and sweet treats. You have the option to enjoy their delicious dishes for brunch, lunch or dinner, so no matter when hunger strikes, the Tide and Boar has you covered!

Guacamole Mexican Street Food

Guacamole Mexican Street Food Moncton, NB

Craving some Mexican street food? Guacamole is the place to be! Now serving from three locations in the Greater Moncton Area, you’re never far from your Mexican food fix! Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available, along with a multitude of delicious foods including burritos, burrito bowls (my favourite!), fish tacos, nachos, raw guacamole, hard shell tacos, and veggie chilli with chips!

Les Brumes du Coude

Les Brumes du Coude food Moncton, NB

A bistro focusing on seasonal and local foods, with a menu that is altered often to keep you intrigued and coming back for more! Although I haven’t had a chance to try this place yet, it has been recommend to me by a couple of fellow nutritional consultants, Crystal and Kate! With a quick glance of the menu and photos they display on their Facebook page, I can’t wait to try this place next time I visit! A restaurant focusing on seasonal and local foods is always a winner in my book. Thanks for the recommendation, friends!


Pizza is always great, but these guys really do it right. Family-run and located throughout Atlantic Canada, this pizzeria offers a variety of delicious Neapolitan pizzas. Are you gluten-free? No worries! Piatto has the best gluten-free crust in town. They also have vegetarian and vegan options to meet everyone’s dietary needs.


I’m not generally a fan of chain restaurants, but when you are looking for a healthy, quick meal, Freshii can really get you out of a jam. They have many options, including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan. Everything from juices and smoothies to bowls, salads, wraps and breakfasts. Looking for a meal planning service? They offer that too, with a variety of meal box options.