Exercise person walking

Busy lives can put exercise at the bottom of your priority list, while well-intentioned but unrealistic exercise goals can leave you feeling derailed in failure. But guess what? Exercise is super important for all of us. Its effects aren’t just physical — it’s critical for mental health, keeping your bones and muscles strong, to provide you with energy, and so much more. Our bodies are meant to move, and often our work and lifestyle situations don’t encourage this. But as with anything, simplifying and being realistic is key to incorporating exercise into your life. Here are some tips we would like to share with you!

Pick out a time of day that works for you

With so much to get done in a day, finding time to exercise can seem difficult and there’s nothing worse than setting unrealistic times to exercise, only to fall off schedule after a few days. That’s why it’s critical to pick out a time of day that will always work for you to exercise, as well as a number of days a week you will realistically be able to show up. Furthermore, be realistic in the amount of time you will devote to exercising. Even just 15 minutes a day of exercise is greatly beneficial. Committing to your time of day, for your amount of time, a number of days a week that works for you, will create a healthy habit that will have great effects over time. Play the long game. Long-term sustainability is key!

Pick workouts, sports, or pursuits you enjoy

Getting your exercise in ways you actually enjoy is super important. For us, working out at a gym 45 minutes a day really didn’t cut it. We found that the time it took to get to the gym, do the workout, get showered, and come home again didn’t really jive with our busy lifestyles. Then again, we have friends who love the gym and find leaving the house an important part of getting motivated to exercise. It’s only ever about what works for you. No one else. You. For us, short bodyweight workouts most days of the week fit our lifestyles and give us the results we want when stuck to consistently over time. We aren’t looking to run a marathon or lift 800 lbs over our heads (though if that’s your thing and a realistic goal helps you get in shape – have at it!) We supplement our bodyweight routines with active pursuits we enjoy, including soccer, walking, hiking, yoga, and more. But as a daily workout, this works for us! It may work for you too, or you may prefer the gym, or exercise classes, etc. The point is find out what you enjoy and do that! Do it consistently over time and you’ll see sustainable results. And don’t be afraid to try new things till something sticks!