Hi there! We’re Jessica and Gareth, founders of Some Good Living.

We are partners in life with a love of good food, healthy living, and fun adventures. We want to share our tips, recipes and experiences with you so you can live your best and healthiest life.

But hang on a minute. Why would you want to hear what we have to share? Well, let us tell you a story.

So much has happened….

A number of years ago, we were doing what we thought was living life to the fullest. We both had great jobs with benefits. We were hyper-ambitious high achievers, wanting to learn and rise through the ranks. We had lots of friends, a busy social life, and were always taking off on adventures. We worked hard, played hard.

But then something happened.

Unhealthy coping mechanisms morphed into troubling addictions. High stress levels and a lack of responsibility for our own health led to poor eating and lifestyle habits, which in turn brought about serious health issues. Around the tender age of thirty, we were both sick and about to come crashing down to reality — hard.

Gareth struggled with alcohol dependency. When he kicked the booze, he lost his main crutch and couldn’t cope, burning out and spending a period on disability. (You can learn more about that in the anthology About Face.)

Jessica suffered the physical implications of poor lifestyle choices, ending up having a major surgery at just 29 years of age. The surgery put her off work and had a devastating effect on her life view. (You can learn more about that in her wildly popular cookbook, Some Good.)

There followed some dark days, which became difficult months, and challenging years of self-examination and -discovery for both of us.

And in many respects, that’s where life really began.

Jessica gained a passion for understanding how the human body works — physically, mentally and spiritually. She studied to become a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Culinary Nutrition Expert. She went on to blog and advocate about good nutrition and healthy living, publish her first cookbook (with more to come), and win a national award.

Gareth sought out new ways to control his anxiety, discovering meditation. He trained in Transcendental Meditation and later became a certified instructor of Transformation Meditation. He got back to his passion for writing, sharing his story to become a published essayist, and finally getting his fiction out into the world, becoming a published author and fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Today, we have emerged on the other side of six years of turmoil that involved enough challenges to fit into an entire lifetime. Years that put us on a path of discovering new perspectives on life and living. Years in which we had to truly ask ourselves what was important in life. What it really meant to live it to the fullest. Years that changed who we were — to the very core.

We had to find new, healthier ways to cope, to thrive, to live. We had to get better. And that’s what we did.

Now, we are looking to the future with energy, confidence, and enthusiasm. We have learned so much and we are eager to help others do the same. It is our hope you will benefit from our experiences, grow from our challenges, and reap the rewards of our journey. We hope you will enjoy Some Good Living.

Jessica Mitton headshot

Hi! I’m Jessica Mitton, lover of good nutritious food, Culinary Nutrition Expert, award-winning Holistic Nutritional Consultant, adventure seeker, and some may call me the holistic nutrition cookie monster (I love a good cookie, but I don’t sacrifice health or taste!)

Holistic nutrition is a huge part of my life these days, but that wasn’t always the case. After years of unhealthy eating and poor lifestyle habits, getting sick guided me towards a new life. I became accountable for my health and started making better choices so I could thrive and be my best! I believe in a holistic approach, taking into consideration the body, mind and spirit, and I’m fascinated by the healing potential of natural, whole food and how it can be used to help individuals improve their overall health and quality of life.

I love creating tasty nutritious recipes and have shared many on my blog. I also wrote a cookbook called Some Good, published in 2018 through Breakwater Books. Some Good is a modern cookbook utilizing traditional Newfoundland ingredients to create innovative new recipes with a healthy, wholefood twist.

I am super excited to be teaming up with my partner in life, Gareth, to bring you Some Good Living!

Gareth Mitton profile picture

Hello! I’m Gareth Mitton, a lifelong professional writer and creative type, published essayist and fiction author, podcaster, meditation practitioner, soccer lover, and all-round embracer of a healthy, vibrant, adventurous lifestyle!

During my journey together with Jess, I have completely turned around my perspective on life, going from an unhealthy and unbalanced lifestyle of work and hard partying, to a much more flowing and far more fulfilling (and a darn sight healthier) approach. Addiction and burnout necessitated changes in my life that sent me on a path of self-study and discovery that today sees me being far more content, productive, and accomplished than I ever could have hoped in my ‘previous life’.

I am tremendously excited to be joining forces with my partner in life, Jessica, to bring all the life-altering things we’ve learned to, well, you (and anyone who wants to listen). We have come to realize that there’s a better life to be had, and it may only be a few tweaks in perspective and adjustments in approach away for anyone. Ready? Let’s get to Some Good Living!